The Viking Rage


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“The Vikings, vicious pirate warriors from the north, entered the joust for the opportunity of conquering the riches that are destined for the winners.”

For centuries, European populations lived in fear of vicious raiders from the frozen North: the Vikings. They’d attack without warning, loot monasteries and villages, and slaughter anyone who crossed their pass. 

Actually quite civilized, with an advanced honor code, brilliantly-engineered ships, and an unusual respect for women’s rights, they were fearless, regarding battle as a state of ecstatic joy, and expecting thrill in victory, or glory in Valhalla, as they rushed to their foes.

Honor in battle was very important to the Vikings. Vikings were raiders, seafarers, kings, and writers, a people who truly defined the history of Europe, and whose brave, adventurous, and creative spirit still lives on today.