The Iberian Valor


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“The Iberians, once a proud and mighty people that ruled over the entire world, sought the power and influence of their past in the victory in this tournament.”

Today, the word “Iberian” makes you think about Spain and Portugal, but the word comes from the name of an ancient population that inhabited the southern and eastern Iberian Peninsula in Antiquity, with odd habits and bloody rituals.

Based on their skill as mercenaries, their already sophisticated society, and their generally very effective equipment, one can say the Iberian tribe was a fearless one. Proud of their strong bodies and tough skin, when war breaks out, you will see the Iberians on the front lines. 

Expert seafarers, Iberians were driven not simply by the need to explore and trade.

It was also to deploy maritime violence, which they knew they were good at, in order to tax and subvert the trade of others, and to build an empire overseas.
Iberians are brave and independent people, a unenviable obstacle to any competitor!