The Celtic Resistance


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“The Celts, known for their advanced warfare skills and for being phenomenal head hunters, were eager to walk into the battlefield and prove their might.”

For hundreds of years, the Celtic warrior represented the quintessential barbarian warrior to the settled peoples of the Mediterranean. To the so-called “civilized” people, the Celts where a reoccurring nightmare that unpredictably erupted from a darker Europe.

It was a well earned reputation, and they repeatedly gave the Mediterranean world ample reason to fear them.

The Celts were the hidden people, a diverse group of tribal societies of the Iron Age Europe. Their society was a superior one: wealthy and intelligent, they played a pivotal role in the making of Europe.

Celtic women had fierce pride, and they enjoyed freedom and power that other women in the Ancient World did not have.

Celtic warriors are cautious, graceful and deadly warriors who take time to analyze their opponents. Extremely agile, they combine their speed with good tactical knowledge and deadly competing style.