The Barbaric Fury


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“The Barbarians, with their century-long tradition of fearlessly engaging in the most brutal of battles, quickly accepted the challenge.”

As the Enemy spread throughout Europe and Northern Africa, they encountered various tribes and peoples. Some fought violently against the invading armies, and continued raiding and looting after the conquest of their homelands. The Assailant Empire, with their well-organized military, regarded these violent and uncouth enemy tribes as Barbarians.

The bravery and fighting ability of the Barbarians were respected by everyone. Though they were once misunderstood as simple, bloodthirsty invaders, the long and noble history of these proud people is now rightly acknowledged. 

The Barbarian is a ferocious warrior. He might appear uncivilized and brutal, relying on instincts, anger and raw physical might, instead of tactics or fancy execution of every exercise. His rage is frightening to behold, and it allows him to smash apart his competition.