Clash of Champions : Fit-Liga vs Kings of WOD

What a great event! Past April 25th was historic!

The teams were composed as follows:

Kings of WOD TeamCoach: Richard Vanmeerbeek


Carmen Bosmans – Belgium
Saara Laksonen – Finland
Eik Gylfadottir – Iceland
Rob Martin – England
Dempsey Tamara – Netherlands
Filip Fisker – Denmark

Fit-Liga TeamCoach: Eugeny Bogachev


Oxana Slivenko – Russia
Ekaterina Ilina – Russia
Oxana Pikmulova – Russia
Erast Palkin – Russia
Sergey Koltovskoy – Russia
Alexander Panteleev – Russia

The teams confronted each other in 3 team WODs. After each WOD, the winning team received 1 point, whereas the defeated team received none. The challenges were diverse, focusing on the different physical capabilities of every athlete. The way to complete the challenges was also diverse. In the first one, every athlete’s efforts depended on themselves; in the second WOD, they had to play in pairs with an athlete of the opposite sex, and, in the last challenge, they had to form trios with two athletes of the same sex.

Let us explain:


Total Max per team of Snatch + Clean&Jerk

Results :

Kings of WOD – 672.5kg – Snatch 220kg + Clean&Jerk 452.5kg

Carmen Bosmans – 80kg + Saara Laksonen – 75kg + Eik Gylfadottir – 65kg
Rob Martin – 142.5kg + Dempsey Tamara – 150kg + Filip Fisker – 160kg

Fit-Liga – 657.5kg – Snatch 215kg + Clean&Jerk 442.5kg

Oxana Slivenko – 105kg + Ekaterina Ilina – 55kg + Oxana Pikmulova – 55kg
Erast Palkin – 152.5kg + Sergey Koltovskoy – 150kg + Alexander Panteleev – 140kg

Every athlete had 3 attempts to achieve the best score in each exercise. 3 athletes did Snatch and other 3 did Clean&Jerk. Coaches decided which athletes would compete in each category. The choice was the same: Women at Snatch and Men at Clean&Jerk.


[For Time] 21 – 15 – 9 Cal Row + Burpees + 20m Prowler (adding 20kg each round)

Teams were divided in pairs (Woman+Man) and each pair had to complete the WOD. Only after that would the other pair perform the exercise, and so on. During the WOD, each athlete had to perform the reps corresponding to Cal Row and Burpees (athletes alternated between themselves — while one was doing burps, the other one would row). In the end, both pulled/pushed the Prowler 10m+10m (21 rep set – 20kg, 15 rep set – 40kg, and 9 rep set – 60kg) on a rubber floor, which made sliding really harder.

Results :

Kings of WOD – 19:09
Fit-Liga – 19:07

Thrilling challenge, decided nearly at the finish line. After the first switch, the Fit-Liga pair finished first, but was then surpassed in the second switch by the Kings of WOD pair. Everything was decided by the last Fit-Liga pair, when the athletes made a huge effort to recover the lost seconds and finish first, conquering the first point and bringing the competition to a tie.


[For time] 30 Bar Muscle-ups + 30 Hang Power Snatch 60kg/40kg + 30 Chest to Bar Pull-ups + 30 Thrusters 75kg/50kg + 30 Pull-ups + 30 Hang Power Cleans 90kg/60kg

Results :

Kings of WOD – 13:35
Fit-Liga – 15:25

In this last challenge, only after the Women completed the WOD (the 3 together), the Men would start theirs (the 3 together). After the starting signal, they first had to lift the barbell for the Hang Power Snatch from the floor, and then perform the Muscle-ups. After doing 30 Muscle-ups, they did 30 reps of Hang Power Snatch and, only then, they could drop the barbell. After that, they had to lift the barbell for the Thrusters from the floor, complete the 30 Chest to Bar Pull-ups and then perform the 30 reps of Thrusters, without the barbell touching the floor. Lastly, they had to lift the barbell for the Hang Power Cleans from the floor, complete 30 Pull-ups and then perform 30 reps of 30 Hang Power Cleans, only dropping the barbell at the end. Both teams had similar tactics, dividing the repetitions between the athletes and even choosing the same grip on the barbell exercises.

At the end, the Kings of WOD team finished first, winning this competition.

A great event with top athletes and an excellent organisation.

A special thanks to those who made this possible:

Prozis, for their support and commitment to this sport, for the co-organisation of this event and for organising the Kings of WOD;

Geraklion, for the co-organisation of this event, for supporting the Fit-Liga team, for their commitment to this kind of competitions and for their active role in this competition.

Power Factory, for the warm welcoming and for the venue, equipment and the human resources support involved in this competition.

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