On the 27th and 28th of September, Madrid hosted the second stage of the new and innovative fitness league, The Kings of WOD.The venue had the capacity of 1500 spectators.

Athletes from all over the world competed once again in a difficult battle for the title of The King of WOD, at Arnold Classic. To everyone’s surprise, not even Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger himself could resist to show up and congratulate the competition.

Kings of Wod Kit

The Challenges

Wods Madrid_new-01

Interesting Facts

☩ In the 1st WOD: 1RM Clean & Jerk, all the athletes’ valid reps added up to an approximate total of 19,000 kg lifted (around 19 tons of weight!).

☩ Arnold Schwarzenegger was at the event to congratulate the audience and the athletes, and left the arena with his famous words: I’ll be back.

☩ Athletes of more than 10 different nationalities joined the competition.

☩ The Slavic Force was the most united tribe, and also the tribe with more athletes on the winner’s podium, in this stage.

☩ The Barbaric Fury is the strongest tribe of this league. After two stages, their performance on 12 WODs and 4 categories landed them on the top of the podium 17 times.



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