On the weekend of the 12th and 13th of July, Lisbon hosted the first stage of a one of a kind competition, with a prize money of 10,000€.

The weekend was all about fitness, nutrition and entertainment, everything in a single event.

The visitors could not only enjoy the spectacular performances of athletes from all around the world inside the arena, fighting hard to become the King of WOD, but also numerous live shows in between the workouts with dancers, musicians and fire eaters.

Kings of Wod Kit

The Challenges

Wods Lisboa_new-01

Interesting Facts

☩ Every second counts: The Elite Female winner was decided by a second, in the last challenge.

☩ Only one athlete from Master Male category, Fabrice Lage, was able to finish the Log Ladder, lifting the final 103kg Ground to Overhead.

☩ The Iberian Valor was the tribe with more athletes on winner’s podium, in this stage.

☩ A new tribe was presented: The Slavic Force.


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