The Kings of WOD – Rulebook

To participate in The Kings of WOD Competition, every athlete must agree to any and all Rules and Policies, including, without limitation, the Assumption of Risk, Publicity Release, all of which are incorporated herein by reference, and to the decisions of The Kings of WOD, which are final and binding in all respects.

– All dates announced in each stage, whether in the qualifiers or in the finals, must scrupulously be respected and abide by, under penalty of cancelling registrations and/or results.
– The dates will be announced on, on the page of each stage.

1. Male Individual

2. Female Individual

3. Male Masters (must be 40 years +)

4. Female Masters (must be 40 years +)

At the end of the online qualifiers, the top 48 male, top 48 female, top 24 male masters and top 24 female masters athletes will be invited to compete at the finals of each The Kings of WOD stage.

1. Portugal – 12th and 13th of July 2014
2. Spain – 27th and 28th of September 2014
3. Cyprus – 27th and 28th of June 2015

1. Registration for The Kings of WOD will take place via the website:

2. All athletes must be over 18 years old to be allowed to compete in The Kings of WOD.

3. Registering on the website does not grant the right to participate in each stage. To compete in each stage, athletes must purchase their participation via the website:

4. Upon registration, athletes must choose a Tribe for which they will compete. Athletes may not compete unless they are part of a tribe.

5. By registering, athletes are automatically agreeing with the general rules of the competition.

6. Athletes may not change Tribes during the competition. Changing to a different Tribe can only take place after the Big Final, and before the following The Kings of WOD competition season begins.

1. The Online Qualifiers for each stage of the Kings of WOD will consist of a series of workouts that will be released on the official Kings of WOD Website. Athletes must complete and have all workouts validated by their affiliate manager, or with a link to the video sent in, to be ranked on The Kings of WOD Leaderboard.

2. Each online qualifier will be composed by a series of workouts, that shall be released on wednesdays.

3. Athletes that are evaluated by a Level 1 instructor may submit their result until 11h59pm of the following Sunday through the form on the website. Athletes that intend to send footage for evaluation must send a link to the video until 11h59am of the following Saturday. After this time, the form to send results will be unavailable and no results submitted via email will be accepted. It is the sole responsibility of the Athlete to ensure the timely and successful submission of their workout each week. Submissions that are incomplete or not verified will not be accepted.

4. Each online qualification is valid for that stage only. To apply for a different stage, athletes must go through each different qualification.

5. Athletes must have their score validated by performing the workout at a registered CrossFit Affiliate, under the observation of a CrossFit Level 1 trainer.

6. To submit the video, the footage must be uploaded onto YouTube, so that the organization may have access to it and its link may be entered in the form’s designated field in the website.

7. All athletes that intend to go to the final must record their workouts on video. The organization reserves to right to request counter-proof of the results through the submission of this video, as a way to corroborate the result submitted.

8. In case the athlete does not meet the movement standards of the requested exercises, or in case the recording does not allow to clearly visualize the complete range of the motion, the organization may adjust the result.

1. The Kings of WOD website will host the only official Leaderboard for the Online qualifiers and the Overall League Ranking.

2. The following rankings will be in place:

– General Kings of WOD Ranking – Consists of the sum of all points earned by the athletes on the finals of each stage. It is this score that gives access to the Kings of WOD Grand Final.

– Individual Kings of WOD Stage Ranking – Consists of the online qualification of each stage of the Kings of WOD.

– Tribe Ranking – Consists of the sun of the points gathered by all members of that tribe.

1. At the end of the Online Qualifiers, the top 48 men, top 48 women, top 24 male masters and top 24 female masters will automatically be invited to compete at the Kings of WOD stage final.

2. Athletes will have 3 days from when the email invite is sent out to declare whether they accept their place to compete at the finals. If the athlete does not declare within this time, their place at the finals will be offered up to the next athlete in line.

3. The defined method in which the athlete shall meet the Movement Standards and the Range of Motion standard will be announced by the organization. Delivery can be in the form of online media, written document, or Athlete Briefing, either with or without Demonstration. Regardless of delivery method, the Athlete is required to meet or exceed the Event Movement Standard requirements during all competition.

4. Time and location of registration will be announced to the athletes closer to the event and all athletes will complete an onsite check-in process at least one day prior to the commencement of the first workout.

5. Proof of age and residency is required in the form of a valid and generally accepted form of identification, such as a driver’s license, passport, birth certificate, or other officially verified form of proof.

1. At the end of the stages, the top 12 men, top 12 women, top 6 male masters and top 6 female masters will automatically be invited to compete at the Kings of WOD Big Final. Each Tribe’s ranking leaders will also be invited, in case they are not a part of the automatically qualified athletes.

2. The Kings of WOD organization reserves the right to assign wild cards to athletes it considers worthy of accessing the Big Final.

3. Athletes will have 3 days from when the email invitation is sent out to declare whether they accept their place to compete at the Big Final. If the athlete does not declare his acceptance within this time, their place at the finals will be offered up to the next athlete in line.

4. The defined method in which the athlete shall meet the Movement Standards and the Range of Motion standard will be announced by the organization. Delivery can be in the form of online media, written document, or Athlete Briefing either with or without Demonstration. Regardless of delivery method, the Athlete is required to meet or exceed the Event Movement Standard requirements during all competition.

5. Time and location of registration will be announced to the athletes closer to the event and all athletes will complete an onsite check-in process at least one day prior to the commencement of the first workout.

6. Proof of age and residency is required in the form of a valid and generally accepted form of identification  a driver’s license, passport, birth certificate, or other officially verified form of proof.

1. Onsite Judges will validate scores for each workout an Athlete performs. Athletes will be ranked after each workout. At different stages of the competition, only the top Athletes will advance. One Coach per Athlete may be allowed in the warm-up area, Event Pass and credentials required. All other competition areas are off limits to Coaches and nonworking staff.

1. Individuals will be ranked on their performance in each workout. Based on their relative rank, they will be assigned points equal to their classification. Their total points will be ranked on the Overall Leaderboard, arranged by the lowest score. The top Athletes on the Overall Leaderboard will advance, or win the competition.

2. For the general Kings of WOD ranking, points for the final classification on each stage will be awarded. Those points will be transferred to the general Kings of WOD ranking, and athletes will be arranged in descending order by the number of points they have.

3. At the Big Final, athletes will be ranked on their performance in each workout. Based on their relative rank, they will be assigned points equal to their classification. Their total points will be ranked on the Overall Leaderboard, arranged by the lowest score. The top athletes on the Overall Leaderboard will advance, or win the competition.

1. Any Athlete Event Protests, Appeals, Scoring Discrepancies or Ruling questions will be immediately filed with the Event Head Judge on the floor during the Event in question. If unavailable, any Director or alternate Head Judge can begin the Protest process.

2. Athletes may not protest discrepancies related to the judging, scoring or performance of another Athlete.

3. For all Athlete Event Protests, Appeals, Scoring Discrepancies or Ruling questions the following process will be used.

– The competing Athlete only (no Coaches or other athletes allowed, one person to file the Protest) files the protest by notifying the Event Head Judge of the competition event in question by relating their name, athlete number and reason of protest.
-The Event Head Judge, Athlete and that Athlete’s Event Judge or Judges during thecompetition event in question will all communicate to fact find and define the issue in protest.

5. Judgement calls made during the workout are final and are not negotiable or subject to change or modification.

6. The Kings of WOD Producers have final authority on all Athlete Event Protest rulings.

7. Video, photos, cell phone media or any other media will not constitute grounds for changing or modifying a decision, score or entry made by an Event Judge.

8. Nothing in these rules including Event Protests, Scoring Discrepancies and Event Movement Standards, Range of Motion Judging applications should be read as a limitation on The Kings of WOD right to run or operate any The Kings of WOD supported, sanctioned or sponsored Event as it sees fit in its sole and absolute discretion and the Event Director and The Kings of WOD say is final. This includes the right to remove or disqualify any Athlete at The Kings of WOD’s sole and absolute discretion.

– Cash prizes will be awarded to the top Athletes in each stage Final.

1. 1st Place Male and Female  2000€ each
2. 2nd Place Male and Female 1000€ each
3. 3rd Place Male and Female    500€ each
4. 1st place Male and Female Masters  750€ each
5. 2nd place Male and Female Masters 500€ each
6. 3rd place Male and Female Masters  250€ each
7. All prizes are subject to applicable taxes.

– Additional prizes may be presented by partners, sponsors, or select vendors and all such prizes are subject to applicable taxes and withholding and compliance with and agreement to Kings of WOD prize declaration.

– All physical prizes must be collect by the winning athlete at the event. It is the responsibility of the winning athlete to organise to take the prizes home. If prizes need to be shipped to the athletes after the event the athlete may be subject to charges for shipping.

– All monetary prizes will be awarded in the form of bank transfer. Alternative payment methods may be organized, however athletes may be subject to bank charges where applicable.

– The prizes to be awarded at the Big Final are yet to be defined. They will be defined soon, before the beginning of the first stage final, in Portugal.